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Third part of “Jason finds out”, following this and this ^^ (there is a distinct lack of Jason in this one ;p) 

All of this to lead to my headcanon of the conversation that’ll happen in the fourth and last part, I’m afraid it’s gonna feel a bit anticlimatic ^^; 

Link to the chronology of a friendship masterpost


I was telling miramei about the PJO Big Bang, and she thought I was talking about the k-pop group. So naturally I threw this AU at betsib and then this happened and it’s gonna be amazing guys wow fantastic baby

based off of this picture of Big Bang



did anyone notice leo is holding a chainsaw on the uk cover like leo what the fuck are you doing with a chainsaw 



So cute!

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Imagine Nico and Jason go to Japan for a vacation, and everyone over there call Nico ’ Neko ’ instead of his name. Nico just blushes and walks away. When Jason finds out the meaning of the word, he burts out laughing. He buys Nico a cat tail and cat ears later on as a joke and Nico just blushs and Jason goes after him. And I don’t know! Im trash sorry!

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Why are you so amazing? Also could you recommend some animes for me? I NEED MORE OF THEM. Any genre really. I WILL WATCH ANYTHING except hentai :D.


Well, let me see… I’m going with some new animes and some kind of old animes that I really like!

- Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (on going) - This anime is so funny!!!!!!! I really like it!

Zankyou no Terror (on going) - It’s very interesting AND the animation is so gorgeous.

Haikyuu! (on going) - Of course I would suggest Haikyuu! <3 It’s an anime about a lot of dorks that like to play volleyball :D HAHAHA

Hunter x Hunter Remake (on going) - This anime is long (+100 episodes), but I recommend it. Really. You’ll be amazed by the friendship this anime shows us. 

Isshuukan Friends This anime is very cute! It’ll probably make you cry at some point. The story is beautiful!

No Game No Life - If you like games and a lot of strategy, you’ll like this anime. It’s so exciting that I felt like crying during their matches AAAH

Hyouka It’s about mistery. At first I didn’t like it that much, but it gets really interesting after 2~3 episodes! (plus, it’s from Kyoto Animation, so the animation is SO GORGEOUS AAAAAAAH)

- Evangelion - It’s a classic one, tho. Maybe you’ve already seen it. But it’s better if you watch the movies too (The End of Evangelion for example), not only the anime! If you haven’t seen it… TAKE CARE OF YOUR FEELINGS. Because this anime is complex and kind of depressing hahaha

Those are my suggestions for now! I tried to choose animes really different from each other to make it more diversified~ Hope you like it!



Well this sucks. I found (actually in this order) fat sad sap.
I weigh 130. :(

Fat, Whore and Clutz….?!

Epic, bad and love&#8230;? Wht?!



Well this sucks. I found (actually in this order) fat sad sap.

I weigh 130. :(

Fat, Whore and Clutz….?!

Epic, bad and love…? Wht?!



A Little Hero au where the Marvel universe characters get their starts as kids! I’ll probably do some X-Men and characters like Sam and Bucky next. Fury and Coulson too. I hope everyone likes these as much as they did Peter and Wade! Comics and fanfiction are coming from this. Im sorry.

Tony Stark- After the events of his parents death,his own kidnapping and invention of the Iron-Man armour, Tony Stark became the sole heir of Stark Industries. Immediately deciding against it and wanting to avoid anything regarding the his status as a minor, Tony now lives with on and off girlfriend Virginia Pepper Potts (18) his appointed CEO and  best friend James’ Rhodey’ Rhodes (20) his legal guardian. After the events of the Avengers Tony offered his up his tower as a residence for his new companions where the group now resides while they’re in town. Tony spends most of his time with in the lab but when not he’s mostly hanging out with Bruce, playing with little Peter and seeing how often he has to flirt with Steve before the guy figures out he isn’t joking about taking him on a date to see the Mona Lisa.

Steve Rogers- Two years out of the ice, Steve Rogers has been residing in his personal floor in Stark Towers since finding out he wasn’t old enough to own his own apartment. Between his time out and about drawing, taking a few college classes to catch up on lost time, and visiting  Peggy Carter (74) in her retirement; Steve keeps busy during missions with Natasha, catching up with his newly revived best friend Bucky and keeping Tony out of trouble and making sure he doesn’t let Peter set anything or anyone on fire. Again.

Thor Odinson- After his younger brothers realization of adoption, Thor suddenly found himself with the task of finding Loki (10) on earth and returning him home to their worried mother. Refusing to return home fully when his brother escapes grounding on Asgard after the Avengers events, Thor resides between Stark Tower and Asgard while he tries to negate his stubborn younger siblings mischief and tantrums. All while enjoying his new life on earth with his other avengers and friends. (including Jane Foster (14) and Darcy Lewis (9)) Thor has come to favor his life on earth as of late since his discovery of frozen yogurt and,being the flirt teengerdom as made him , the vast number of very beautiful new people the super hero community has to offer.

Natasha Romanoff- Five years fresh out of the Red Room, Natasha is still learning how to act outside if her life as an agent. She spends free time away from missions with Bucky,Steve, Clint,Sam and few other friends mostly in the team or acquainted with them ( Such as She-Hulk and Susan Storm). She enjoys ballet, either watching or performing when alone, and reading on her floor. Her brand of humor seems to keep her from seeming too stoic while she learns the ins and out of society as a normal teenager, but seeing as her foster father Nick Fury (37) isn’t the best option for learning the do and don’ts of being a teenage girl, she’s pretty much on her own.

Bruce Banner- As the youngest official avenger ( sadly being small for his age as well), an orphan scientific prodigy and makeshift doctor, Bruce spends most of his time meditating and studying hard core instead of socializing. After having to run off on his own, away from his brief foster dad General Ross and best friend Betty Ross (12) Bruce was only recently put back on the radar during the Avengers. Surviving for a year after his accident in ways he won’t talk about, Bruce finds himself trying to control his monstrous alter ego. He struggles with the occasional temper tantrum and finds himself in a constant state of nervousness and quiet. He;s made few friends such as Tony, who marvels his young mind and after one too many times hearing about the trouble the young boy faced with clothing after transformations, made Bruce a stretching form of underwear to wear under his clothes for just the situation. One day Bruce simply wants to be able to see his best friend again, and possibly control the other guy ( which the team seems to be doing easier after finding out Hulk has a soft spot for Natasha and Tony. Twas badass that tamed the beast?)

Clint Barton- Eager to build his name as a hero, new SHIELD agent and former circus performer Clint has taken to spending time on missions before friends, but all making time with his old friend Natasha and picking on Phil Coulson (19), newly revived agent of SHIELD. Being as social a kid as he is, Clint prefers time at the range and on missions rather than at the tower, but has made the air vents his own personal playhouse since taking over a floor with Natasha. His hobbies include archery,balancing arrows between the gap in his teeth,pissing off Tony and genital blocking every attempt to hit on Natasha she gets, not that he likes her like that or anything.